Cloud platform construction

To demand IOE and resource pool, the upper application of the Internet and big data for enterprise customers bottom, using BoCloud open source technology and independent research and development has a number of patents and copyright software platform with self controlled cloud platform solutions.

Functional properties

Choice of Technology

IaaS Layer infrastructure virtualization
To provide customers with independent, stable, safe, reliable and open cloud computing services
DevOps and container (Docker) technology
Provide rapid deployment of business, seconds elastic scalability, business high availability and other key features
Large scale, visual automated operation and maintenance
Build full Cloud Architecture, Internet services, large-scale automation cloud operation and maintenance platform

Pass platform

BoCloud in finance, electric power, an important production system for government and other large institutions to provide Docker based on the PAAS platform and landing, reduce the user on the server and database management pressure, improve application development speed, saving development costs, to achieve on-demand expansion.

Industry application

Typical case series

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