Product advantage

Custom demand
Maximize customized development needs, provide local R & D, technical support.
Standard service
Provide standard interfaces and services for PaaS, SaaS, etc.Provide freedom for users.

Functional highlights

Convenient deployment
Provide unmanned starting from the bare hardware fully automated installation and deployment, "a CD, a script can realize hundreds of thousands of servers scale cloud platform deployment.
Custom service
From the KVM to the full stack ability to develop custom OpenStack, can meet the needs of local custom development, research and development, technical support, architecture and consulting team, through professional product testing, solve a series of BUG and unstable factors in OpenStack.
Performance optimization
The depth of the optimization of KVM, can meet the application requirement of high performance requirements; the optimization of VxLan network performance, enhance the performance of distributed virtual network, support PCI equipment SR-IOV, IO to reduce virtualization overhead.
Strong compatibility
Compatible with all major hardware support, mainstream virtualization software, including KVM, VMWare, Xen, Hyper-V, virtualization security products support the mainstream, the flexibility to choose the hardware and software according to the needs of users, and be integrated and well integrated.
Open architecture
On the PaaS, SaaS and other standards to provide interfaces and services, to avoid being locked manufacturers, to provide an abstract interface to the upper layer, the difference between the lower shielding different hardware devices to reduce the risk of business migration and implementation.

Use scenario

The latest version of the solution of community custom development enterprise Openstack based on the scheme, the user can choose the depth after the optimization and improvement of KVM as virtualization software, virtualization infrastructure can also be compatible with existing VMware users, to maximize the protection of existing investments

Customer case

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