Product advantage

Enterprise PaaS Cloud
Using Docker container technology, enterprise PaaS cloud solutions for Internet application deployment and management
Simplify operation
To provide customers with rapid business on-line, developmentand production integration, second elastic scalability...
Fast response
To help customers deal with the Internet business explosive strong, difficult to predict response requirements, characteristics ...

Functional highlights

Rapid automated flex
Application deployment requires only minimal deployment, without the need for load forecasting. The system will automatically expand / release resources according to the operation. Effective response to sudden Internet applications.
Rapid deployment
Seconds to complete the application deployment, including the completion of the application before and after the end of the relevant system configuration. Support for fast switching and rollback of application versions.
Development and production integration
Docker mirror based on the characteristics of the application can be guaranteed to submit the application, you can use the normal production environment.
Enhanced reliability
Support high availability, support system visualization global monitoring.
Middleware service platform
The middleware provides support for the application of the service-oriented model. Including service registration, load balancing, message queue, split table, fully support the application to service transformation.
Automatic deployment
Improve the environment and the standardization and automation of the configuration, improve the management of configuration, improve the efficiency of business application development, testing, release and maintenance management.

Use scenario

Effective response to customer IT resources continue to expand the scale, business needs continue to deepen, upgrade and version control more frequent, as well as volatile user visits sudden and severe operating environment. Enhance customer IT system response to development, deployment, business applications agility, efficiency, security, stability needs.

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