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The development of cloud computing in the financial sector
2017/1/22 14:19:11

"CITIC Securities 2017 capital market will be held November 2016 23-25, held in Shenzhen, the annual meeting is one of the highest level meeting in the capital market investment as the theme, aims to provide a communication platform for outstanding listed companies and investment institutions. Nearly a thousand institutional investors and outstanding enterprises gathered in Shenzhen, the core issues of the capital market for discussion, common vision of the global economy, China's economy and the future of China's capital market.

The conference invited nearly 170 speakers, arranged over 200 listed companies in exchange for three days, 20 forums covering the categories of asset allocation, commodities, real estate, smart, healthy, Chinese + PPP, silver economy, consumer dividends, interoperability, education and other hot topics.

In November 24th, BoCloud CEO invited Mr. Lei Bo will spend years in CITIC Securities Capital Market in 2017, and "science and technology" Financial Forum entitled "development" in the financial industry, cloud computing's keynote speech.

Cloud computing is rapidly evolving and gradually mature

From a technical point of view the cloud computing industry will soon change, from the traditional virtualization technology of the cloud, to today's widespread use of automated operation, large payment institutions represented in the cup has been trying to private cloud platform. The formation of the overall trend, in fact, because the cloud computing technology itself is also a rapid maturation process.

Cloud computing market is broad

In July 15th the CBRC on "information technology" 13th Five-Year "development guidance" clearly put forward to build a private cloud platform, with high maturity and strong openness, computing virtualization, storage virtualization and container virtualization technology to build a pool of resources, the main information system in the "13th Five-Year" at the end of the scene for the Internet as much as possible changes to the cloud platform. Today, the five lines, the shares of the bank, the city firm to promote cloud, next year will be more obvious trend. IDC is expected to be part of the bank's cloud software and operation and maintenance will have a market of more than 5 years, not including securities, insurance, non banking institutions in the 10 billion.

Two significant changes in the IT architecture

A bank is a large pool of resources down, the transition from mainstream configuration bank IBM machine and small machine for the X86 server, the server is widely used to promote the mature software X86 server software, cloud computing based on; another is the traditional banking business cloud, to carry out financial services business in the mobile phone terminal support, through the background of IT infrastructure, reflecting the high elasticity of current IT demand structure.

Banking industry to promote the core demands of the financial cloud two

First, safe and controllable. Banks should grasp the key technology, not controlled by foreign institutions, improve the competitiveness of the Internet financial platform, focusing on flexibility, to respond to frequent market needs. Second, with flexibility. Bank IT architecture to be able to withstand the test of the huge amount of visits due to promotions and other reasons. The sensitivity of the data bank's overall supervision, it is difficult to put their business systems in the total cloud, become a driving force for the development of the demand elasticity of demand and the financial financial IT in the cloud. Large city firm's small loan customers can reach millions, tens of millions of magnitude, the bank does not have the ability to support the IT architecture, the need to help them achieve IT spike and mass access function.

The banking industry is to promote the "Internet plus" strategy

The five lines and part of the city firm financial service migration in Xiang Yun, gradually realize the traditional IT toward virtualization, the integral operation of transformation, the fundamental demands behind the "Internet plus". Not only banks, electricity, transportation and other agencies also need to move the traditional business to the cloud, forming an agile architecture. Internet is the main trend of financial innovation. The characteristics of the Internet is the initiative innovation, mobile delivery, convenient operation and maintenance and deployment of response, response time, the peak can be elastically supported as "double eleven" after the end of the peak volume, you can put the resources to release.

Dual core architecture of Internet financial platform

Internet banking projects will be on the cloud, to maintain the traditional business model, according to the performance of the cloud on the basis of the project to promote the traditional business cloud process. Some banks, securities, insurance is using this dual core architecture to promote. Joint-stock banks put the first direct bank on the cloud, you can support the application of 10 million, the rapid application of iterative. The future of other Internet applications on the cloud platform. The more innovative applications, the more can be on the cloud, to the terminal and consumers; the more traditional business will be placed on the original architecture. In addition, the financial industry and the IT architecture has a matching relationship, not all applications can be completed on the fly. Such as the application of large data classes, high-performance applications, non performance of single application, Internet banking applications, are corresponding to different IT structure, so the financial cloud is a very pragmatic process.

Three typical IT needs and development planning of the Internet

Corresponding to the three steps: first, make a unified cloud resource pool management bank hardware equipment; second, these applications need to be able to quickly on the line, can do flexible deployment; third, to do the integration of cloud management. Many listed companies and start-up companies are actively layout of these three platforms. Financial institutions to build a cloud of financial planning is as follows, the initial stage, first on a cloud infrastructure; after this, you can do a Paas big data platform, can provide services to the outside


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