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Fierce! BoCloud won the award two awards Boyun Lingyun
2017/1/22 14:17:15

Introduction of the award

Lingyun award was established in 1997, formerly known as the "ZD top network technology of the year award", the industry is one of the most authoritative media awards, has a higher influence in the industry, has been an important reference for the user to purchase.

Evaluation criteria

Lingyun award combined with CNET, by ZD APP who jointly launched the top network technology. According to the editorial department of the latest release in various fields over the past year, combined with the professional judgment of the technical experts in the industry, and the majority of CIO users to evaluate the market feedback, with a strong credibility.


Lingyun award is divided into product technology award and innovation award two awards. Product technology award covers all IT products and solutions, from traditional PC to super, server, from smart phones, mobile terminals, printers, storage devices, network equipment and data center solutions, etc.. Organizers will select the most representative of the industry in the past year, the trend of development, there are unique innovative products and technologies, and strive to provide users with IT products and solutions to provide meaningful and valuable guidance.

Lasted more than a month after strict selection, and careful combing, the organizers from product, technology, service, platform, solutions and successful cases of multiple dimensions of the selection of a group of outstanding representatives in the field.

Excellent enterprises and products for the following BoCloud Boyun awards along with award-winning and awards:

2016 outstanding open source applications

Red hat OpenShift container platform

OpenStack Cloud SUSE

Boyun BeyondContainer BoCloud


Enterprise Cloudera

XSKY enterprise level distributed block storage solution X-EBS

XDFS distributed file storage

Services DaoCloud

Awards direct:

2016 industry excellence solutions

2016 healthcare industry excellence solutions: Intel regional image cloud solutions

2016 financial industry excellent solutions: BoCloudBSM China UnionPay Information Center cloud platform construction projects

2016 retail industry excellence solutions: Intel cloud to end technology

The 2016 annual financial industry excellence solution: wave Tissot K1 host critical applications

Awards direct:

ZD ZDNet Lingyun award is the concern of the industry with very high impact awards, also known as the wind industry audience index. This BoCloud Boyun won 2 awards is the industry and the market for Boyun definitely.

BoCloud will continue to cultivate in Boyun from traditional industries to the Docker container of the latest technology combines the advantages of virtualization technology, the system provides on-line application speed increasing, deployment, operation and maintenance costs are greatly reduced for users. At present, there are few financial institutions that have been used and applied in container technology. BoCloud is the first in the financial industry Boyun the container technology successfully and achieved excellent efficiency of cloud service vendors.

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