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Enterprise IT architecture cloud solutions consulting
BoCloud provide private cloud platform for enterprise customers service. For enterprise customers to the Internet, the big data business application, go to the demand of IOE, BoCloud using open source technology and independent research and development has many patents and copyright software platform, provide independently controlled private cloud platform solutions, and give full consideration to, understand the customer's business process, application, on the basis of adaptive development, help enterprise efficient, smooth finish the IT department.

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Private cloud platform construction
BoCloud cloud master the core technology of cloud computing, help enterprise steady implementation architecture migration, will face the Internet scene the main information system security, stability, the migration to cloud computing platform architecture. To improve the automation level of resource deployment and application, fast delivery, dynamic adjustment and flexible deployment, reduce artificial operation risk.

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Intelligent cloud operations
BoCloud bo cloud help enterprises to promote production operations monitoring, automation, intelligent building, to strengthen the systematic risk and fault early warning, early positioning and early treatment. Application level system whole process, complete coverage of all nodes monitoring, according to the operation characteristics and related data analysis application systems, raising the level of intelligent in system operation process monitoring. To strengthen the capacity management, dynamic programming, and related resources to prevent unscheduled, sudden capacity bottleneck problems.

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BoCloud Boyun and Jingdong reached a strategic cooperation cloud
The day before, BoCloud and Jingdong Boyun cloud reached a strategic cooperation relationship in Beijing, a Jingdong in a private cloud, hybrid cloud cloud strategic partner. The two sides will be in the public cloud, private cloud, PAAS platform, mixed c

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